Saturday, June 18, 2011

PDP-cameo card

the SUMMER OF LOVE kit is--as all pixie dust paperie kits are--full of deliciousness! here's a glimpse of some of the lovelies inside:

you can see right away there are gorgeous "posh" teresa collins papers and trimmings, pebbles' felt roses, whimsical feathers, glamorous crystal stick-pins, awesome heidi swapp acrylic embellishments and some divine crinkly signature pixie seambinding. there's actually loads more, as well, but those are some of my favorites this month and i've managed to work most of them into one sliiiiiiiiiightly heavy card!

luckily this rather bulky (but in a GOOD way, lol) birthday card is for my sister, and i can just hand it to her, along with her present; however it must be said that i am well known at the post office as the lady who mails A LOT of birthday cards in padded jiffy mailers, and that is fine with me, too! :)

more photos on the pixie blog today, including one of the DECORATED INSIDE... a concept almost unknown in the laurniverse!!!
enjoy, darlings!


  1. My ooooh my!!!! This is lovely! The first thing I noticed is that border strip of hearts that came on the Royal Garden sheet. I love that idea. It's all gorgeous!!!

  2. wowwowowowowow!!! OHHH MYYYY is this ever GORGEOUS!!!! WOW!!

  3. oh so pretty and lacy!!! gorgeous.

    lisa a.

  4. This deserved a big WOW, oh WOW, gorgeous!!

  5. Please visit my blog when you can, Lauren. I have an award for you! Hugs!!!


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