Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tea for two!

i realize that mother's day has come and gone, but we pixies are always working a month AHEAD, so my project today is a pair of pretty cards i've already sent to my mother and mother-in-law. see those flower bouquets sitting in their teacups? well the flowers are sassafras dimensional diecuts, and if you pull them straight up, they slide out of the cup to reveal a little message. mine happen to be mother's day greetings, but you could use the same idea for a graduation, a birthday, or even a get well card!

the idea for these came partially from this clever card that the lovely june made last month... with a little bit of a lauren twist... and ingredients from this month's awesome pixie dust paperie kit, SUMMER OF LOVE, which looks like this:

you can read more about the making of these cards, see additional photos--including the "insides" of the cups, learn more about our kits, and even enter a fabulous giveaway... ALL on the pixie blog, of course. check it out, darlings! ♥


  1. Super adorable, I so love this, and I want to steal that pretty napkin on the saucer, so cute!!!

  2. I agree with Kirsty ... so lovely ....

  3. soooooo pretty...gotta love blooms and pink!

  4. These are so incredibly LOVELY!

  5. Ditto on all the above.... lovely cards. My kit came today. Everything in it is incredibly beautiful.


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