Tuesday, June 14, 2011

happy (early) father's day!

due to lovely husband jeff's work schedule next week, and a couple of other commitments this past weekend, we actually celebrated father's day LAST weekend. we went down to his parents' house in maryland, took them out for a nice lunch, and for ice cream*, and just generally had a great visit.

obviously, i made a card. because it's WHAT I DO!!! (& photo-ed it with great mediocrity b/c THAT'S what i do, too!) (sigh) :)

(patterned paper: mustard moon, prima paintables; cardstock, chipboard and regular stickers: dover, sassafras, k&co, girls' paperie, heidi swapp; vintage-look items: the ephemera book; paper clip: making memories; crown: tim holtz; inks: ranger & colorbox; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam & double-stick tape, diamond glaze, sewing machine)

i am quite pleased with this one, although i confess that i started out with a very different plan that changed completely when i found this cool knight in a dover sticker book i got at a garage sale. the background is an old prima paintable that i have enhanced with distress inks, mostly around the edges b/c the sticker has a border of white. the rest of the embellies are a mishmash of stash-based goodness including the exceedingly elderly mustard moon "phone book" paper that i bought in every color and still adore, perhaps all the moreso, as my supply dwindles.

we took a present along, as well, that i'm only showing because i'm proud of the RIBBON INNOVATION i thought up at the verrrrrrrry last minute:

YES! that *IS* a strip of denim that i snipped and tore from the leg of an old pair of jeans i saved to use for sewing essperiments. i LOVE how it looks and seriously it took like 3 seconds to do! expect to see denim popping up again at some point... i think i may be starting a new obsession... ♥♥♥

*secretly, although my f-i-l LIKES ice cream, when we visit, i believe he mostly *pretends* to have the massive craving that is my default state, just to be gallant, so that we can go to the local dairy he knows that i love. which kind of gives you an idea whence lovely husband jeff's loveliness comes, doesn't it?! :)


  1. I love this card with the knight and all the quirkiness. This is terrific!!! BUT this gift... NOW THIS I """ADORE"""! LOVE the paper, LOVE the denim "ribbon"... so innovative!

  2. Great cards. And you lucky girl hanging out with guys who "get it" about ice cream.

  3. Such a fabbie masculine card....perfect and I love the packaging!

    Your fil is thee best...so is your lovely husband jeff:)

  4. Love the knight! And that denim ribbon? Genius!

    It does sound like LHJ didn't fall far from the tree. Luck you! :)

    I love your essperiments, by the way. :)

  5. AMAZING card!!! You do not do anything with mediocrity...EVERYTHING you do is splendidly BRILLIANT!

  6. LOVE this card ... Brilliant!! and your denim bow ... I always wondered what happened to those 'bits' that are missing from designer jeans ... someone is saving them up to make pretty packages like you!! Way to go girlie!

  7. fabulous cards, miss lauren :)!!! love the detail on the knight one. just wonderful! and your FIL is the sweetest! the ice cream sounds really yummy! thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week! *hugs* steph :)

  8. Lovin' that denim magic ... because everyone has a pair of jeans laying 'round just cause (she says as she sneaks a pair of jeans back out of the goodwill sack).

  9. lhj - made from the same (ice cream) mold as his dad :-)
    and you were in MD...waaaaaaah... right next door. sometime we're gonna meet up missy :-)
    lovin the denim innovation and both cards - a bunch. i needed the inspiration!

  10. Very cool father's day card and I so LOVE that gift wrap!

  11. Oh my gosh! I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your cards. They are fantastic! Great blog too.

    I'm still new to this whole blogging thing.. If you ever have the time to check out my blog that'd be awesome.

    I am a follower now as well!!



  12. Two fab masculin cards. Love the image used on the top one and love love the denim ribbon on the last one.
    You are so innovative missus!!


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