Monday, November 1, 2010

happy little trees...and a ONE DAY offer!!!


one and all to the first of four special "designer days" for pixie dust paperie's november kit, which will go on sale this friday, november 5th in the pixie shoppe! i am so excited to show you today's project--i made these happy little holiday trees using just some of the gorgeous papers and fabulous trimmings in the new kit:

this was such a fun and easy project to make, i hope you will hop over to the pixie blog where there are lots more photos and a description of the method!

of course, you'll also definitely want to tune in for zielonooka's gorgeous project tomorrow...and then miss lori will wow us on wednesday...and finally teacher jessy will school us in fabulosity on thursday! what a week, right?!

mondays, however, can always use a little something special to get us going for the week...and boy do i have that for ya today...are you ready?! ok here goes:

for TODAY ONLY (monday, november first)

i've talked pixie-in-chief kirsty into letting me offer the october kit FALL in LOVE to all of my lovely blogging friends at (...wait for it...)


oh yeah and there's a special coupon code to use at checkout... it's "LAUREN"

(HOW COOL is that?!) :)

just in case you need some extra incentive, here are some of the cool things i made with the kit:

and of course there's a WHOLE MONTH's worth of jaw-dropping inspiration from my fellow designers on the pixie dust blog!

remember, the deal is for TODAY ONLY and will disappear like autumn leaves in a breeze at the stroke of midnight, eastern standard time, so GO NOW* and use the coupon code "LAUREN" to snag your very own glorious ♥FALL in LOVE♥ kit at half price! then be sure to come and leave me links so i can see what YOU make!!! ♥♥♥

*why are you stopping to read footnotes?! the clock is ticking, people!!! :) :) :)


  1. Oh my Lauren, I know where to go when I am depressed, HERE, to read your blog post, this should be the 2nd happier place on earth, right after Disney World. You go Pixie Gal!

  2. I gotta aggree with Kirsty there !!!!I love love stopping by your nlog so much Inspiration with the most divinly Gorgeously beautiful creations ever!!!all in the best Laureny Taste!!!!!!!
    Absolutly stunning Darling!!!!!!!!!
    Have a fabulous week:) xxx

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous work Miss Lauren!!

  4. Stunning work, girlie! I just love it all. Beautiful and inspiring for sure!!!! :)

  5. Great project Lauren, and well you know what.. Just did some shopping now and entered the code Lauren...

  6. These trees are the cutest! Love them topped off with ribbon and a flower. Great idea! And what a great offer...

  7. Oh Good Grief....sooooo lovin' those trees and EVERYTHING else...

  8. OH you have a wonderful blog, Lauren and the way your take on photos is lovely...dear! what a fun work done! will follow up for more then!
    And thanks for dropping by my blog, and let's have more crafty stuff and fun!!

  9. You are totally cool. You are pixie-perfect! You and those kits go together like chocolate and peanut butter :)

  10. Hi Lauren
    Love all the awesome works!. Very inspirational.
    Greetings from Puerto Rico


  11. Wow that was a crazy deal. I'm bummed I missed it. I was a bit busy. Dang this semester. You made so many cool things with the kit. Great stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with next months kit.

  12. Where in the heck have I been!!!! Grrrr. I missed this deal AND more importantly, I have missed a gazillion of your yummilishious creations. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I am catching up today. LOL


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