Monday, November 22, 2010

pretty much summing up every morning of my life:

(but generally by the time my coffee is gone, my grumpy is, too!) :)

happy monday, darlings!


  1. Holy crap this should be outlined and made into a drawing and tattoo'd onto me. I LOVE it. I might have to steal this and put this as a permanent banner on my blog. haha

  2. haha!! thanks for the smile this morning! this post definitely takes the grumpy away!

  3. Yep. Until the caffeine hits all the good spots, I'm "a grumpy", too. I'm not a morning person so I usually need MASSIVE coffee, as well. Woe is me when the pot is empty.

  4. tee hee. Pr. C-W and I both giggled looking at this and thought immediately of destructoBoy. Man! I can't wait 'til that boys starts drinking coffee w his breakfast.

  5. elle bee! let talk sucky bloggy pals. do you see the big blinking arrow above my head??? ok, lets not! hee!!!

    btw - now I want a Starbucks toffee mocha. and a cat. a grumpy one.

    hurray for short work weeks and turkey!

    : .)

  6. hehe, too cute, lauren. have a fabulous tuesday! *hugs* steph :)

  7. Love it ... I'm not a morning person ... no talking till after my second cup of coffee ... and try questions and you're dead!

  8. Oh my lord! We really *were* separated at birth! :D
    Many moons ago my friend bought me a magnet that says:
    "Espresso! Euphoria without all the unsightly track marks!"
    She's a awesome friend! (she also printed up a set of 'rules' for visiting me in my cube - one of which was that you should bring coffee if you intended to talk to me!)

  9. HAHAHAHA And this shall be my mantra...


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