Sunday, October 31, 2010

plenty of brushes...but no floss!

during the recent NECK EPISODE (from which i am thankfully recovered, ta v much!) i could not do anything for more than about five minutes at a time, which made it a weirdly great time to play around with photoshop, since i can never do THAT for more than five minutes anyway before swearing or tears ensue! :)

one of the things i've been wanting try out is blending modes. i love the idea that pretty much EVERYTHING can have a transparency level at any point between 0 (completely translucent) and 100% (completely opaque)!

here are some of the more interesting essperiments from that week...i haven't actually made them into anything yet, but hopefully they're a bit cool on their own?!

here's a recolored gypsy chick grungy cardboard paper, a few anna aspnes brushes & a vera lim overlay.

a very very saturated & high contrast version of my own lotus photo, blended with an o'scraps paper (clouds & text) and a laurie ann "rhinestone rain" brush.

here's anna aspnes' butterfly brush again...done REALLY BIG and less opaque, layered with a bunch of her asian script brushes, and circles of crowns; the background image is a very close-up photo i took of my mom's hydrangeas, with the color popped waaaaaaay up, blended with a piece of katie pertiet's folded & distressed notebook paper.

i find this one overpowering, but it was my mother's favorite (by far!) so i am showing it anyway. there are about 30 individual brushes used on here, but mostly they are from rhonna farrer's distressed edge toolkit, and scrap artist's "bits of history" set. again i started with one of my flower photos (my mom's impatiens) & blended it with a katie pertiet graph paper that i recolored pink.

here's my favorite: it's the lotus photo & the o'scraps clouds again, but i bent the colors in another direction and carefully added an anna aspnes music brush to bits of the sky. the frame is also anna aspnes. (i'm a fan...can ya tell?!)

this concludes my blended photo some point i hope it will be followed by a "what i did with those blended photos" post! :)


  1. Gooorjuss!! What's the first one? Did you make that or use it? It'd be a FAB overlay for a photo...!! *fingers intching*

  2. wow....these are all wonderful....can't wait to see what you make with them...

  3. wowee, lauren, gorgeous! i have no clue how to do that with photoshop, hehe. i {heart} your lotus photo! very pretty. thanks for sharing and have a happy halloween! *hugs* steph :)

  4. Love these, you are the queen of photoshop. I'm trying hard to get the grip on those brushes.. You are just a master of using them.
    Linda x

  5. I loooove all of these! Very Lauren-y, indeed. :)

  6. beautiful! love the photos you used as backgrounds, too! fabulous work!

  7. I am totally lost and would easily cry if I attempted photo shop, but I rather enjoyed your art gallery! I don't know if I have a fave, but I especially like the vibrance of your lotus flowers in the last pic :)

  8. these are amazing! I think we need a class (or tutorial???) that would rock!

    oh, and check this out... hee!

  9. Digi!! Holla! Yes I just messed with some digi just now for HTA tomorrow. I hadn't really messed with it for anything other than my digi calendar which is pretty straight forward. This is great. I love brushes. :)

  10. Holy bat pixels! These are phenominal. I WANT them all. Don't know what I would do with them. I just love them ALL.


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