Monday, November 8, 2010

heart the art: week 43 (SPOOKY)

since HEART the ART week 43 fell right before halloween, the lovely miss gina set for our prompt, "SPOOKY". i don't know why that made me think of the silly photo blog post i made when i finished my nosferatu amigurumi this summer, but for some reason it did, and then it made me think that i'd really love to print all four photo-panels with the text on a little mini-comic...and put them into my book. so i did.

fooling around in photoshop, i discovered that i could make the pics even MORE comic-book-like by using the "cut out" filter. then all i had to do was add the text, print it out, and affix the windows to some cardstock. as an art journal page, i guess it's pretty "out there", but it has two important things going for it:

#1: it cracks me up (which...really...that'd be enough for it to make the cut!!)


#2: it reflects something i was "into" this year, by commemorating the fact that i've heartily enjoyed both making unusual ami's and photgraphing them with humorous backdrops.

welcome to HEART the ART, nosferatu, i hope you'll like it here! :)


  1. Makes me want to see it "acted out". Will this be the next, greatest short movie out there?!!!

  2. supah kawaii, Elle Bee!!!

    happy Monday! : .)

  3. super cute, lauren! i love your amigurumi dolls!!! your layout is so creative! you're super talented with PS! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day! *hugs* steph :)

  4. You crack me up! very clever Lauren ...

  5. Hi Lauren,

    It was lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting mine.
    I love the name of yours, so clever.
    The little mini comic is cute and I like what you have done with photoshop.

    Happy week

  6. You are such a "cracker". Lol!! Love ur sense of humor. Have a great week Hun!!

  7. Oh, so now you're a cartoonist, too? What is that - garlic?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA! You slay me. Good work, missus!

  8. It cracked me up too! Well done!! I love it!

  9. I had to click to read the crack me up too :) You make art fun in more ways than one!

  10. Cracks me up too. Love your sense of humor. :-P

  11. OK, you so need to start making humorous books starring your adorable little amis!! Perfect for kids and adults alike! ♥♥♥ this!

    (-: Heidi

  12. Oh yes! As long as it pleases you! And, well, obviously it pleases all of us too - because it's so cute!

  13. hahahaha I about spit when I saw this. How I got so far behind I don't know. This is by far the funniest "spooky" EVAR! I love it!! hehehe so cool.


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