Thursday, October 21, 2010

halloween ♥MONSTA♥ giveaway!

what's cute and ♥green♥ with arms, wings, and tentacles?! drat, i was hoping you knew, cause he (or she?!) is sittin' right next to me!!! and he (or she?!) is longing to take a little trick-or-treating trip to SOMEONE'S house in time for halloween!!!

wikipedia describes h.p. lovecraft's creation cthulhu as being part dragon, part octopus, and part alien entity...but as translated in creepy cute crochet terms he (or she?!) is entirely adorable!

to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me what you're going to be for halloween this year OR your favorite costume from your trick-or-treating days OR what you'd secretly like to dress up as if you were a person who dressed up for halloween! i will close the comments at midnight on sunday, october 24th and choose a winner by random draw.

monsta love, darlings!



  1. He (or she) is TOTALLY ADORABLE! I love him (or her) so much :) you do such fabulous work! I would love to win the little guy (or girl)! If I were to dress up for Halloween I think the blow up sumo wrestler is hilarious! Here's a link in case you haven't seen it before lol:

  2. Cute-iful!!! Your crocheting is perfect. I have not tried making anything since the last time we talked about it. My fave costume from trick-or-treating days is when I dressed as a Lipton Tea Bag. I created my tag from sting, text paper and cardboard. I took two trash bags and put some leaves from the yard in each. I had one bag on my front, the other on my back and stapled together over each shoulder. I carried the string with the large tag dangling in one hand.

    Happy Halloween to you and LHJ :)

  3. How cute!!!!!! OK, quick halloween story: when I worked as a children's librarian I got all dressed up as a witch to read stories to the kids. i even went as far as having some huge fake warts on my face. After the sesion I went to wash the warts off and discovered that the one on the end of my nose had dropped off and vanished. About 6 months later I was reading one of the same stories at a local hospital and discovered the wart stuck to one of the pages in the book!!!! It was very hard trying to explain why I was laughing so much to the children! Jo x

  4. oh pick me, me, me...soooooo cute!!!!

    I'm so not a halloween girl BUT the man and I happen to pass a vintage shop and they had thee perfect velma {scooby doo}dress...I looked at that thing twice and actually pondered it...where in the heck am I going to wear that thing? In my crafting hallway? hahaha...

    Okay, I do have to tell you that one of my FAV costumes that my boy dressed up as was ELVIS...dude, my friend took regular white sweats and made an elvis masterpiece....complete with flared legs and stand up collar...I of course, blinged up the costume...hmmmm...I'll have to find a pic and post it to my blog...he carried a kid karaoke machine playing Elvis' Greatest Hits...btw, the seamstress is a scientist/PhD...amazing.

  5. i love your cthulhu!! it's so adorable, you're so talented!! i wish i knew how to crochet! so fabbie!
    i don't really dress up, but i would love to. wish i could dress up as tinkerbell, hehe.
    have a fabulous day!
    *hugs* steph :)

  6. It's amazing how cute monster crochet can be! Too bad your not close enough to teach me how to do this...

  7. Here in Norway Halloween is not a tradition, but I see it is getting more and more popular with the children. We do dress up between x-mas and new years eve and sing xmas songs on peoples doors.Usually the children then dress us as 'fjøsnisse' . Anyway.. The Monstar is looking fantastic.

  8. Okay I'm putting my hat in the ring. He'd be a little friend to the reaper. haha

    Lets see I always dress up on Halloween like a witch. I want to go as Lily Munster, but I have yet to buy a wig. She's the ultimate. I need to paint my nails black soon come to think of it! lol

  9. My favorite costume was an angel in high school ... I wore one of my mom's super-cool ivory satin mini-dresses from the 60's that had a sequined collar and sheer gauzy cape-like overlay & attached some wings. This little guy/gal is adorable. One of the more clever costumes was my brother & I as a pair of dice ... although we realized that we couldn't get in and out of the car wearing those boxes, so our trick-or-treating was limited to our immediate neighborhood.

  10. one year I was Morticia Adams (I had to keep explaining that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark had clevage), last year I was Frida Kahlo (Fidel Castro's sister? Carmen Miranda? ... excuse me, but do I have fruit on my head?!), and if I was organized enough this year, I'd like to be Sally from Nightmare B/4 Xmas, or the Corpse Bride, or a flying monkey

    : .)


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