Monday, October 11, 2010

welcome to church of england:

cake or death??!?!

ok, sorry, those of you who are not fans of my favorite british comedian, eddie izzard, are now completely lost, for which i apologize. it's a line from one of his routines which you can watch here, in lego form, if you are so inclined.

the reason it came up... (& i wish i could say that i noticed it myself but *NO!* the lovely ms. phinner had to point it out to me!) just so happens i crocheted both of these adorable and yet utterly opposite amigurumis in the same week! that's a bold new height of silliness, even for me! :) of course, once the idea was in my head, i had to photo them together and use the line; and the result is possibly my favorite ami photo *ever*...i cannot wait to add it to my ami mini-book!!! ♥


  1. OMGOSH! This is so cute and soooooooooo funny! I looooooove your Amigurumi mini book. I wish I had done something similar. I give all the ones I made away too and I don't think I have pictures of them o.O gonna do that in the future. I absolutely love your blog!

  2. ROFLMBO! "Do you have a FLAG?!" ;)

    Loooove these! I can't crochet but I wish I could. That li'l Reaper is just (pun intended) to DIE for!! ;D

  3. You already know how I feel about the reaper... The cake is adorable do. You're obviously very skilled at executing cute crochet....Yes...but do you have a flag? ;D

  4. Just realized I typed "do" instead of "too" - doh! As you were...

  5. That little reaper is so cute! wonderful! I'm very impressed!

  6. you never cease to make me smile!

  7. soooooo stinkin' fun sista....I love them BOTH!

  8. hahaha



    I'm still laughing!

    Happy Monday, el Bee!!!

  9. Haha, have you ever watched those British Whose Line Is It Anyway re-runs? British humor rules!!! :-D

  10. "Death!...No no no Cake!"
    "Ahaaaa you said death first! You said death first!"

    Two more reasons you rock. :) Good taste in stand-up and crochet.

    I started crocheting again this year and have already recreated my little Chihuahua, Nimby.. twice! (one for my niece, Lily).
    These are adorable Lauren!

  11. So that's is what you've done on the bus? Pretty little things!!!

  12. OH.MY.GOD.

    yeah, i even went for GOD instead of GOOMIE this time!

    these are fracking awesome, and i bloody well LOVE Eddie Izzard. i just watched Dressed To Kill AGAIN on the weekend and i just wanna hang out with him.

    i love you that much more now.

  13. *snort*
    *batting eyelashes* (at the totally adorable grim reaper... which I swear, *SWEAR* I will accomplish someday....

  14. Love this pic too. And I admire your expert crocheting and lovely choice of yarn colors...but the background and floor in this pic caught my eye too!

  15. Big fan of you crocheting as well as all the other creative things you can.... These to looks very cute together...

  16. Ack the reaper is going to reap my cake. seriously though that's what he'd be stealing from me. I'd be mad as heck too. lol. These are great. I still love my little reaper guy to pieces. Leo tried to steal him off my desk and I about had a fit. I've now secured him an even safer area to roam higher on my desk away from little 2 yr old hands.


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