Friday, October 1, 2010

pixie lauren, reporting for duty! :)

...and here is my very first project made with the debut pixie dust paperie kit, "FALL IN LOVE" which goes on sale tuesday, october fifth:

you can see i have used tresa black's fabulously artsy cupcake tutorial a second time, and i will again emphasize that she is called the stamp goddess for a reason, people!!! if you want to learn how to do *anything* paper-crafty, you should definitely start with her tutorials! :)

there are lots more photos on the pixie dust blog, and a bit about how i adapted the "recipe" from making my first cupcake to fit the ingredients that are in the kit. (for starters, you can see i've diecut flowers from the gorgeous melissa frances patterned paper; i used some exclusive pixie seam binding as my dark chocolate ganache; and i swapped out the cherry for a fabulous maya road "icing flower" on top!)

i do have a couple of little tips that really helped to make this project go smoothly:

1. those compasses we all had in 8th grade are INVALUABLE if you need to, say, draw a 2" circle centered inside a 6" circle. i think i owe my geometry teacher an apology, actually; it turns out i did use something he taught us in real life! :)

2. it is very verrrrrrrry slightly possible to see the edges of raw chipboard inside the cupcake wrapper, a fact which will only bother crazy people such as myself. if you happen to BE a crazy person such as myself, draw an 1/8" ring of sharpie around the top and bottom. problem solved!

3. OH HOW I LOVE YOU, scor-it board!!! the cupcake wrapper needs to be folded in accordian pleats every half inch on two 12-inch strips of patterned paper. do 1/2" intervals on one side of the paper, then flip it and do intermediate 1/2" intervals on the other, and the thing practically folds itself!!!

do be sure to check out the pixie blog, because there will be an amazing project from each of the designers every day until the big debut on tuesday!!! ♥


  1. oh. this looks so yummy! can't believe it's made from paper!!! you ROCK, girl! LOVE THIS!

  2. Super yummy, my breakfast tomorrow is going to be cupcake since they are close by now.
    And I really need one of those scor-it board, Michael's is on the list tomorrow as well!
    : ) thanks Pixie # 1!!!

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! I cannot believe this cake!

    This scores up there next to my piece of chocolate cake as a work of incredible creative genius.

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    Pixie Lauren ROCKS!

  4. OMG! Good enough to eat or what! Gorgeous
    xoxo Sioux

  5. Very cool. I love these cupcakes. I've been debating about the need for one of those scor it's. It looks so neat. I think I am in NEED of one after seeing this. Totally cool.

  6. Lauren - Your cupcake is fabulous! I highly recommend that tutorial. It's great! Your cupcake looks good enough to eat!

  7. WOW!! I think I could very possibly love this one even more than the first one you made...and that's really sayin' something!

    (-: Heidi

  8. Leave it to you....magnificent looks so very delish!

  9. So did ya think you could lure us onto your blog with goodies? Well it worked. Gorgeous paper confection, sweetie. Love it!

  10. I want to make one of these! It is absolutely fabulous. I like this one just as much as the first. Thanks for the tips too. I think I still have my compass somewhere...

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  12. O first I thought that's the real one! Awesome job!
    BTW: the name of your blog is the best!

  13. Actually thought it was ediable at first glance love the colours you chose

    Love Dawn xx

  14. YUMMMM!!! Could this possibly be more SCRUMPTIOUS?!! I think not!

  15. Fantastic tutorial and cupcake and thanks for the wowie comments on my blog! Bless you.


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