Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...the *SOAPMOBILE*??!

well, yeah. or at least...the very cool vintage car that belongs to soapology in the west village, one of the cool shops kirsty vittetoe and i visited when we met up in new york last week. see?

(please forgive the overly digi-embellished photo...but i just got THIS GORGEOUS KIT and i had to play with it! had to!!!)

we also went to the ink pad of course*, and kate's paperie, and the (new to me but rather FABULOUS) b&h photography superstore**. we had lunch at tawa tandoor*** and later grabbed a lovely sit-down and a snack at chocolate bar, right across from the ink pad; the only drawback of this scenario was that it meant when we passed the hitherto-undiscovered-by-me but apparently *OUTSTANDING* grom gelato, we were not in a position to even consider stopping in...but don't worry i will get some NEXT TIME and give you a full report!

thanks, kirsty, for an absolutely lovely day...when're you comin' BACK??!

*b/c when papercrafters get together, art supplies MUST be ogled...discussed at length...and (in the fullness of time) ...purchased! it is written!!! :)

**which lives up to its name just by virtue of the AMAZING system of conveyor belts which send your choice of products from inventory to the sales floor to the checkout counter without the help of human hands (i would not rule out ELVES though!!!); not to mention an intricate but genuinely helpful system for queueing customers that surely makes the soup nazi weep with joy!

***there's *GOOOOOOOD* indian food in midtown??! WHO KNEW!!! :)


  1. There's nothing like a good, girly day out is there! Bet you girls had a blast, Jo x

  2. Fun times! Glad you got to play together.

  3. You had Indian? It looks so good. I clicked on the link and now I'm starving!! What a fun day. Love the new digi kit!

  4. We are sure to "GROM" together next time I am in NYC! it is looking like I am going to tag along every time my husband goes back there for work!
    AND... I got my soapology stuff yesterday and soaking myself in the lilac color black sea salt soak tonight! I am smelling good right now! LOL!
    AND... I might want to get another of that birdie hook, I am thinking to use it to hang the curtain in my craft room, so I will need two of them, another excuse to shop...

  5. Looks like great fun. There is nothing like a girls day out... The Ink Pad will be my first stop if I ever get to NY..
    Big hugs and wishing you a wonderful sunday

  6. "please forgive the overly digi-embellished photo" -- are you kidding me, I love the embellishments!!


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