Tuesday, August 25, 2009

witty blog-title writer wanted, no experience necessary, apply within

because some days, i've got *NUTHIN* darlings...and today is one of them. but wait, there's more: i don't even have a lovely bit of craftiness to show you! so perhaps you'd like to hear about a few things i've been enjoying lately? (or you could just skip over me today, to head right for the cheezburgers, and i will completely understand!)

as is customary on these occasions, i'd like to start off with a completely random photo, that does not relate to the rest of the post in any way:

clematis...on a lattice...gratis!

reading: london: the biography, by peter ackroyd. it is very, VERY good. it is VERY, very lonnnnnnng. but since it's organized thematically, you can read a chapter here and there without losing the narrative thread. i suspect i'll be reading this on and off for quite some time, in between other books. which is nice, since it's an extremely enjoyable book!

watching: duplicity (out on dvd today) with clive owen and...ummmmm...some girl...reddish hair...didn't catch her name. :) if you like slick, clever, twisty, big-budget hollywood suspense thrillers with a bit of comedy and romantic entanglements, it doesn't get any better than this. even if you *don't* generally like such films, you might like to give it a try. be sure, however, to pay attention to the time/location captions between scenes. if you're NOT paying attention (because, perhaps, you're making cards at the same time?) you'll either be terribly confused, or find yourself in the company of an increasingly unamused husband. (i speak theoretically, of course!) :)

wishing: i spoke french, so that i would sound as cool and clever and amusant as the characters in the film moliere. of course, i would still need a script-writer, and source material based on the work of a 17th-century genius playwright. but still...

eating: the best chinese noodles i've ever had in the suburbs. at a CHAIN RESTAURANT of all things! nonetheless, i admit freely to being totally impressed by the food at p.f. chang's. enough so that i want go back...for lunch...sort of daily, actually...

dreading: next month's electric bill, which may well be impressive enough to call "william"! the traditional sticky, hot, humid new jersey summer weather has arrived later than usual...and it's making up for lost time in a big, big way! oy vey.

loving: (despite the worst trailers in the history of tv...which is saying something, dontcha think?!) being human on bbc america. the final episode of the first series airs this saturday, but if you've missed it, don't worry: bbca are NOTORIOUS for giving a second chance...and a third...and a fourth... which, in this case, is a good thing because it's one of the most clever, amusing and utterly original shows i've seen in quite some time...and i don't think anyone is watching it! you could be forgiven for thinking it's another twilight/true blood clone based on the adverts, but trust me, it's completely it's own thing!

what's at the top of *YOUR* favorites list right now?


  1. Oh 'Being Human' is the best isn't it? What episode/series are you up to?

  2. I read your blog title in my blog reader and immediately thought YOU should apply, then I realized I was at YOUR blog...

    What am I enjoying right now?
    1. I just made some organic crab soup...yum! (BTW, I love PF Changs!)
    2. Reading "The Mammoth Hunters" by Jean Auel. I started "Clan of the Cave Bear" (her 1st book)on July 11th, finished it ~1 week, then read "Valley of the Horses"(sequel), took a break and read a Janet Evanovich book, and now I am nearly halfway in "Mammoth..."(book #3)
    3. I am starting 50 thank you notes for a customer, who needs them by Sept. 1st. One down, 49 to go...(not sure I am "enjoying" this; more like "what was I thinking?")
    4. I will go to Stamper's Alley tomorrow (it is in NC); I drove here today to visit in-laws with J&K. Will go back to VA Saturday. It is a fab stamp store and only 15 minutes from in-laws' house!!!
    5. I am enjoying not fixing dinner nor cleaning up after my children. That's what is great about grandparents...gives the parents a break. Nice change of scenery for me too.

  3. Hmm, I'm enjoying

    1. the last few day of summer with my kiddos

    2. know that 2 out of 3 said kiddos will be going back to school next week! :-)

    3. Being momentarily back pain free due to a leftover prescription of my hubby's (so bad I know):-D

    (-: Heidi

  4. Hi Lauren. Loved your little ING list today (will steal the idea one day when I have time for my own blog, it fits in with my little theme). One tip for you WATCHING is the series Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco (who played Tony Soprano's wife in that series). I just watched so many of them, on demand... it was on SHO, don't know if you have access to that channel. I was a little bit obsessed and watched in the middle of the night cause I had no time during the day. Now I am sleepy zzzzz. More later. Love your blog! susie.

  5. OMG....should have known you'd love being human! I watched the 1st season, which ended a few weeks ago and I miss it and can't wait for more! It was fabulous and after the first ep I made Mama watch it with me and she loved it too :)
    I am currently just enjoying NOT feeling like I've been in the ring with Mr T and the rest of the A Team....LOL (I loved that show!)...swine flu sucks and the pigs shoulda kept if for themselves!


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