Sunday, August 9, 2009

...and more joy!

because one can never have too much joy, can one??! especially at christmas. or, indeed, whilst making christmas cards in the middle of august, for that matter! so i'm going to show you more hero arts goodness from the caardvarks' winter wonderland challenge you didn't see THAT coming, eh?! :)

this time i've used a bunch of greetings and a tiny snowflake stamp from the holiday sayings set on a pre-made journaling card. i don't know about you, but i have A LOT of cute little lined cards, in all sorts of shapes and sizes; and being that i don't really *scrapbook* as such...well, i don't always have a zillion ideas of how to use them. teaming one up with a bunch of the smaller greeting stamps that hero arts do so well (i have an all occasion sayings set of theirs, also) makes for sort of a cool look, i think? well, you tell me:

the only other thing i'd like to point out about this card is this: how many christmas products do you see in this picture? the stamps we've already mentioned, of course, but the in fact there is only one other, and it's the three chipboard poinsettias. everything else--the paper, the ribbons, the chipboard letters, the journaling card--are just everyday all-occasion products from my stash*! and still looks quite christmassy, albeit in a non-traditional way. and seeing as how i am often unable to find great holiday things around the holidays...this is a trick i will bear in mind!

*some of this stuff is very nearly old enough to qualify for a senior citizen's bus pass, as well! the pink patterned paper is from the scrapbook wizard MEGA-stack to which we all succumbed when starting papercrafts...the ribbon is from michael's finest $1 spool section...the pink letters were from the bargin bin at target at least two years ago. at yet, i was sort of shocked to see that by combining them in a new way with an xmas theme...they all looked kinda fresh and fun and cool again. who knew, eh??!


  1. SWEET! gotta love the non-traditional pink holiday card!!!

  2. Hey - I think I HAVE (or HAD) that MEGAstack.

    I also think Christmas cards should be done in non-traditional colors, but then I am a rebel.

  3. This one was my favorite ... it just makes me happy.

  4. I like the non-traditional card too (it seems to be a concensus over here!), and yet it is very Christmasey to me!

    Love coming over for a dose of crafty goodness!


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