Friday, August 28, 2009

52Q: 34 (nest)

it seems like i am doing my 52Q cards in pairs every other week...but hey, i'm pretty much keeping up at the moment, so it's all good!

question 34: how do you create your nest?

(materials: pages from a vintage german-language bird book (ein fugle atlas!!), a scrap of making memories ledger paper, colorbox inks, prismacolor pencils, masking tape, manual typewriter)

answer: "furniture built by jeff & poppa (his late grandfather) & presents & flea market finds...treasures from our travels...books & music...waaaaaay too many art supplies...of course, all we REALLY NEED is each other!"

this one was fun to think about and fun to make. i made a rule for these...ok, not a RULE as such...but when i started this project in january i really wanted to it be something that was fun, uncomplicated, and kind of more raw & experimental that what i usually do. because let's face it: i can think myself to death!!! so i sort of made a mental manifesto to work small (hence the playing cards), work fast (glue-as-ya-go whenever possible), and to KEEP GOING even if the card seemed like it was going to come out "wrong".

in this case, all was well until i got to the back. i had the sweet birds, and i decided to ink out the writing on the rest of the page to make a spot for my journaling. i used dark brown ink. it covered the text easily...and looked awful! but if you can't go back, you kind of HAVE TO go forward, so i masking-taped over it and glued my journaling on in strips. the completed card is not at all how i thought it was going to be...BUT...i really like it now.

sometimes it's sort of a good thing to "roll with it", if you know what i mean. i should probably embroider that on a cushion or something...but for today i'll settle for writing it on my blog. :)


  1. What? LHJ can make furniture? Yeah, you have yourself a wonderful guy. Maybe I should call him AHJ, rather than LHJ (A is for Awesome).

  2. You GO girl! I am so proud of you for sticking to this. And I like your "roll with it" approach. I do that, too, but I call it "Save Yourself From Yourself". Quite rewarding when it happens, too! :-)

  3. hahahahaha you even have a theme song!

  4. What a neat project this is, so fun! I love the last 2 cards, now I'm thinking I need to get myself a cup of java joe and see the rest:0) Thanks so much for the comment on my card. You defifnitely made me feel better about my card! And I'll take one of those pillows whenever you get around to it :0)

  5. I love this one... I seriously wish I had thought of starting such a project, which I think is so genius! Would I have the time or patience to do more than one installment? I fear not. So much to do, so little time! Nice work! You inspire me!!! x.

  6. This is a great one and if you hadn't included your process, I would have thought that your text was part of the plan - seriously. This has such a cool, heartfelt and arty atmosphere to it - and I love that!


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