Friday, August 21, 2009

missus trash will mock me again...

...but i have created another uncharacteristically "minimalist"* card!

first, the story: i've been trying to get over to 365 cards and make a super sketchy sunday card for as long as my lovely blogging friend amy has been on their design team. (this is now a seriously EMBARRASSING number of months! but sadly, the beginning of the week is just never my most creative time!!!)

quite a few times i've saved and printed the week's sketch. several additional times i've also got out the stuff i would have used to make the card based on the saved and printed sketch. this time i actually MADE THE CARD! could i *be* more proud??!?!

(patterned paper: basic grey; diecuts: k&co; gem flourish: oriental trading co; inks: colorbox (plus a dark brown prismacolor pencil to outline the diecut border after it was affixed to the card); adhesives: tombow mono runner & avery gluestick)

and now i shall break my "if you can't say anything nice..." blogging rule, to bring you two small product warnings:

#1) staples has stopped carrying UHU gluestick & now sell avery instead. i figured, "gluestick is gluestick, right?" and bought the 6-pack of large sticks. turns out, all gluesticks are not created equal. some (UHU) give good even coverage and pretty much hold any piece of paper to any other piece of paper without let or hindrance. and *some* do not. anyone want 5 1/2 large inferior gluesticks??!

#2) oriental trading company (one of my faves for discount scrappy things!) now has gem flourishes that are every bit as cool-looking as the prima ones, for a fraction of the price. WAHEY, right??! ummmmmm...not so much. turns out the pricey bit of a gem flourish is the adhesivey stuff that holds it all together and allows it to (more or less) hold its shape when removed from the backing. these DO NOT HAVE that quality. i wrangled and tangled and untangled and flipped and flopped and cursed the one you see before you for AT LEAST 10 minutes. seriously, you could land a mackeral with less trouble! (...though admittedly a mackeral would not look as cute onna card...) come back expensive prima flourishes, all is forgiven!!!

*ok, ok, minimalist in a laureny way, anyhow; but hey! there are single layers of plain cardstock here...without pattern or...well...ANYTHING...on 'em! dude! that *IS* the very definition of minimalist, surely??!?! :)


  1. Veeerrrrrrrrrrrrry nice, missy! And minimalist in a very real way, not just a Lauren-y way!

    And yes, sadly all glue sticks are not the same. I took a book-binding 101 class and she told me to use the brand that starts out purple and dries clear. Good stuff! I, of course, use SU ...

  2. Yahoooooooo Lauren!!!! Your Super Sketchy Sunday Card is absolutely gorgeous!!! Uhu...hmmm....I know we 'talked' adhesives before..I'm a double stick, redliner, quickie glue pen and recently discovered Art Glitter adhesive kind of the icky glue sticks for the nieces/nephews :)

    thanks again for playing with the 365 Cards sketch sista!!!!

  3. What? I said nothing!! Much ;-)
    As always I am in awe of your talents.

  4. Definitely minimalistic, even if it had been made by someone with simple, yet elegant tastes ;)

    Still true Lauren-y: pink (yep), bling (yep), and cool embellies K&Co. (yep).

    I have those K&Co. Que Sera Sera border stickers (clearance from Michael's last spring), but I don't know what to do with them...thanks for the inspiration...AGAIN!!!

  5. Oh my... you are a HOOT!!! I was laughing at your post!
    Lovely card, and you are right, a mackeral would not look as cute on this card!

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the glue stick and cheap flourishes ... always important to share those things, so we don't all end up with 5 1/2 inferior glue sticks and flopping mackeral flourishes. Fabulous card ... tres elegant.

  7. This is such a lovely card Lauren despite all the inferior use of glue sticks & bling. I love your version of minimalisism :D


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