Saturday, August 15, 2009

52Q: 31 (3 words)

it's hard to believe the 52Q project is more than halfway over! on the other hand, i realized the other day i need to get a new ring for my cards ASAP, since the original 1.25" one is now seriously bulgy!

question 31: what 3 words would someone
use to describe me?
(materials: vintage bingo card; illustrations cut from an old children's book; scrapworks metal concho; heidi swapp bling circle; stickopotamus* word bubble stickers; autumn leaves alphabet rubs; colorbox ink; copic outliner pen)

i notice that when i've been making a lot of "product-centric" items...or just loads of challenge-based things that have very specific criteria, i start to really jones for freeform collage and vintagey bits! i also enjoy being messy and working quickly without too much thought or preparation. check, check, check and CHECK! so fun to make something just for me...think i'll go do this week's question now!

*random self-realization moment: it turns out i have made it to the age of forty-five without knowing how to spell hippopotamus! (i thought it was hippopatomus.) good thing i'm not a zoologist, eh? of course the reason this deficiency has gone entirely unnoticed until now is that this is the first time i've ever been called upon to spell hippopotamus in a public forum. and quite possibly the last. interesting.**

**i have a feeling my three words have just changed to chatty, crafty and WEIRD. ah well. it's a fair cop! :)


  1. Weird can definitely = fun, so chatty, crafty & fun still work! I am so impressed you are keeping up this year!

  2. Awesome project!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. From what I have seen on your blog you don't need to worry about Christmas cards either. Amazing cards. I really love your style.

  3. Love what you do for challenges as much as I love our 100% Lauren creations :)

  4. This is awesome!! You are totally kicking my booty when it comes to the 52Q's!! I am not feeling the little tags is my problem, but I did so many of them on the tags already!! :( Dang it. I need to just move forward and act like those never existed. haha

    Loving all your Christmas cards. Hope I get one at Christmas time. :)


  5. SO cute! I love your collage and those vintage birds are too fabby!

    Hmm, I know I only know you via bloggy land, but I think I would have picked those same 3 words!

    (-: Heidi

  6. LOL!!! Did you find this hard??? I think that weird would definitely be one of MY 3 words (especially if you were asking either of my brothers to describe me...LOL!)
    This tag is so very *Lauren* fits you perfectly and I'm so glad that you had fun making it :)

    As for hippopotamus...well that's where having classical Greek comes in handy! Hippo is the Greek word for horse and potamus is hippopotamus is river horse. When the Greeks first saw them they didn't know what on earth they were looking at :) Don't you just love having friends like me...full of completely useless trivia and not at all shy about randomly sharing with others :)


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