Thursday, August 13, 2009

just because they call 'em the "DOG DAYS" of summer...

it doesn't mean we shouldn't make time for
the occasional LOLcat.
(au contraire!)

here's a recent fave from i can has cheezburger:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh kitteh, *I* understand!
i understand purrfectly!
(which is why many people believe lovely husband jeff is a saint!) :)

ps: today, thursday, august 13th, is
at dairy queen locations across the USA!
so diet-schmiet...
today it'd be downright
un-philanthropic not to get a blizzard,
wouldn't it??!?!
(i'm just sayin'...)


  1. LHJ may be a saint, but YOU, my dear, are always delightful and entertaining!

  2. Thanks to you I am now addicted to i can has cheezburger!!

    (-: Heidi

  3. LHJ may be regarded by some as a saint but NOTHING should get in the way of the a girl and the ice-cream machine!


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