Monday, August 3, 2009

this might be the weirdest card i've ever made!

(so obviously i am VERRRRRRRY proud indeed!!!)

first a bit of backstory: this is the third in a series of "legendary crooners" cards i've made for my chiropractor's birthday* the last couple of years. he loves the rat pack, loves vintage vinyl, (of course, he doesn't refer to it as "vintage" since he bought most of it new!) and he has a similar sense of humor to mine--by which i mean weird, obviously! :)

i made him an elvis card last year and a frank sinatra one the year before. this year it was either dean martin or tony bennett. i couldn't think of a good tony bennett joke, so dean it is! (just in case you don't happen to be a fan, one of dean martin's biggest hits was "that's amore". for comedic greeting card purposes i've changed the lyrics to "that's a birthday".)

my first idea was just to make a regular card with dean martin on it and the custom lyrics. this quickly morphed to making a round black card that looked like a 45 record. then i remembered this beauty made by my lovely friend & fellow caardvark stephanie's from a while ago but i still absolutely looooooooooooooove it!

you'll have noticed that my card is nothing like stef's...but thinking of it reminded me that i still *have* a few old 45's**. "wouldn't it be cool," i asked lovely husband jeff, "if i actually used the record as a card??!" and of course he agreed. :)

i used the real disc label as a guide to make my own custom label for the center. it includes faux publishing information which works in the altered song title and a pretend album title, as well as mine & jeff's & our chiro's names. then i decorated the disc with a picture of dean martin and used rub-ons to make my own lyrics to "THAT'S A BIRTHDAY". finally i decorated the paper sleeve to serve as an envelope, et voila!

i think it's *hilarious* (she said modestly!) and i CANNOT WAIT to give it to him. so it's lucky my back is COMPLETELY OUT right now, eh? so we get to see him tomorrow!!!*** i just have to think of a tony bennett joke for NEXT year... :)

*what?! you don't celebrate YOUR chiropractor's birthday??! how very odd... :)

**god alone knows WHY...i have not owned a record player in AT LEAST a decade...

***unfortunately i am serious about this part. back-wise it's been a lousy couple of weeks; which is a big part of the reason i've been even worse than usual as far as email & comments go. i do apologize sincerely, but honestly it's about all i can do right now to get in and out of work, complete my dt duties, and do a bit of housework and general life maintenance. please forgive me, full service shall resume ASAP!


  1. This is one of the most fab Lauren-y are so unique and me card making HERO!!!

  2. OMGoodness Lauren...first of all I hope your back gets beh-tah soon...and second, your card is fantabulous! You are the super creative queen!

  3. This is freakin' fabulous!!!

  4. Bugger about your back. Hope you Rat Pack loving chiro fixes that right up.

  5. Wow...such a fabulous card!!!

  6. LOVE THESE!!! You're the best cardmaker ever. Get well soon, sweetie!

  7. I hope you feel well - I'm pretty sure you may have injured it laughing over this clever card. I love it - and not only because I loved Dino but it is so cool, clever, and apropos! What a lovely idea and a thoughtful card!

  8. BOTH of you SACRIFICED VINYL?!?!?! Oh, the horrors! Yes, I still have a stack of 45's AND the turntable, thankyouverymuch.

    (It is still a cool card, but ...{shudder}). :-)

  9. You clever clever girl ... isn't this the best part about making your own cards ... I love those quirky designs that are absolutely perfect for the recipient. ♥♥♥

  10. OK, this card is FLIPPIN AWESOME!!! Seriously I would just die if someone gave me something as hilarious and well though out as this!

    Oh, I hope his most excellent birthday card endows him with powers capable of reliving your back pain! Poor thing, I hope you are doing better soon!

    (-: Heidi

  11. This is totally beyond my ability to praise sufficiently! I don't even know where to I'll just the the whole thing is totally brilliant and completely hilarious! Your chiro must think he's totally lucky to have you as a patient :) But I do wish you didn't NEED to go see him. Hope everything is back to *normal* for you soon. Big hugs ♥


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