Monday, December 8, 2008

we've been!

to quantum of solace, i mean.

LHJ and i blew off everything big & small* we were meant to accomplish yesterday in favor of seeing a movie and scarfing up indian buffet. and you know what? it was SUCH a good call: sometimes even a really really busy girl just needs to spend quality time with her husband, her cinematic heart-throb, and some samosas, ok??!

you don't have to run, honey...i'll wait! :)

i know the film has gotten quite mixed reviews, but having seen it, i'm not totally sure why. it's got something for pretty much everyone: car chases, boat chases, foot chases, motorcycle chases, airplane least 25 gloriously exotic locations...characters that cross and double-cross and even triple-cross each other...and lotsa stuff blows up reaaalllllllllll gooooooooood! :) ok, so it's more actiony than the traditional bond film; and there's not a lot of witty banter or romance. but when you realize that it picks up 30 minutes after casino royale left off, and is basically the story of bond trying to find the baddies what killed his girlfriend...well it'd be kinda weird if it *was* a traditional old-school 007 adventure. jeff & i liked it. a lot. and not just because it stars a certain someone i'd pay $9.50 to watch reading the phone book... (which yeah, i totally would!) ...i was a bond fan long before daniel craig came along and i have to say i like the way they are updating the franchise without (to *me* anyway; i know there are those who disagree) ...sacrificing the things that made it popular in the first place. roll on bond 23!!!!!!!!!

*i am considering converting to the eastern orthodox church in order to snag that extra two weeks of card-making...if your holiday greeting arrives on january'll know what happened! :)


  1. Well, I am an old fart, and I say Bond=Sean Connery, or it ain't Bond, KWIM? But you young-uns can drool all you want to over the "new" Bond.

    And I am so with you on the Jan 6th thing. There ARE 12 days of Christmas, ya know, so define "late".

  2. Not much into Bond movies, but he is a cute actor! :)

  3. Forgot to add: Yes lets swap Monster ATC's in January! That will be fun. How many? ooh fun!

  4. I grew up with Roger Moore, so he is my favorite Bond...okay, I LOVE Sean Connery (he is YUMMY!), but to be honest, I've seen the end of Casino Royale two or three times, and in just seeing that, Daniel Craig is now my favorite Bond. I wonder if LFL (lovely friend Lauren) has anything to do with that?
    Thanks for the email gave me peace of mind regarding the Bond movie and you made me smile; thanks...I needed that :)

  5. ah-HA! I was wondering when you'd see this! Hehe! Loving your review!!

  6. Just call me Bond, Wendy Bond! And I love Daniel Craig! I really liked Peirce Brosnan but I am sorry, this new one rocks! Love the photo too! Well done girlfriend!


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