Tuesday, December 9, 2008

more fun with artisan labels!

some days a gal is just brimmin' with snappy blogpost titles...and some days not...clearly, today was a "NOT"! (sorry about that!) i do have a couple of moderately nice xmas cards to show ya, though. 'member hanneke's sketch from last week...that i said i thought i would use again? uh-huh: i was right!

(patterned paper: love elsie + red glitter gift wrap; cardstock: core'dinations; dimensional stickers: k&co; word stickers: 7 gypsies, ribbon: michaels; other: colorbox inks, zig pen)

(patterned paper: love elsie, basic grey; cardstock: core'dinations; cardstock diecuts: k&co; velvet scallop ribbon: american crafts + vintage teeny rickrack from the lovely debb; other: colorbox inks, zig pen, foam tape)

somebody (possibly june?) asked me how i (a non-diecutter-owner) do my nested artisan labels. the answer is that i trace a k&co label tag onto some patterned paper or cardstock (usually i hold several pieces together to get a few done from one cutting) and then i glue my cut label to the next layer and cut that one about 1/8" around the first. generally i just do that by eye--i am a decently even cutter, and also nothing i make is ever going to be so precise that it will matter if it's a teeny bit wonky--plus you know inked edges and charmingly not-quite-even outlining compensate for a multitude of sins!

happy tuesday, darlings!


  1. Sheesh, I had such the witty response all typed out only to have blogger wig out on me...I absolutely love your cards and love them even more after finding out that you cut out your labels...by hand...are you nuts? lol...you certainly do a fabulous job....I recently bought a used "Big Kick" off of Splitcoast just so that I could buy the Top Note die...call me lazy. Anywho's...fabulously fun cards my dear.....

  2. I **love** these labels! So cool that you made them yourself. I do a lot of my layer cutting by eye too. WAY too cheap to buy any sort of fancy schmancy die cut making type tool. Hand cut charm rocks.

  3. I have been a by handy, tracing around chipboard cutter up until this fall when my DH surprised me with a Cuttlebug and a Cricut. Imagine his distress when he caught me hand cutting. LOL. I haven't got the hang of my fancy tools yet :-)

    That pink and green card is so AWESOME. Love the bell, the ornament, velvet scalloped ribbon - EVERYTHING.

    You rocked that sketch hard.

  4. ... another "by-hand" cutter - i'm so glad to hear that!! :) i love these ... classic Christmas cards... Lauren style! :) have a good one!

  5. well, I am amazed at your cutting (and card making) ability!!!!!

  6. I would sooo trace that shape and make a template! I hand-cut most of my layers bcause I am so LAZY (and it shows!!!) I tell my customers to do it right, though. ;-)

  7. I hand cut more often than I'd like, but there aren't enough die cuts in the world...or at least in my craft room :) I gotta have layers. I always feel my cards are nekkid when I can't get some layers in.

    You cut so nicely! I think I would still be in kindergarten if cutting well were a requirement to move on to first grade. I know to move the paper, not the scissors. I have improved, I suppose, but yours look so perfect. Yes, it was me who asked. Thanks for explaining. You are a sweetheart!

  8. I was so excited that there are others out there without any fancy schmancy die cutters... I haven't graduated to a neato bandito machine just yet, and I don't know that I could get the hang of it! By the way you cards rock!

  9. Wow ... love both of these ... such a cool vintage look.


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