Saturday, December 27, 2008

papercrafting scientists prove existence of an "embellishment gene"


exhibit a: festive evergreen bag designed by niece madeline,
aged 4 1/2 (tree outline drawn by mommy)

my sister amie--who of course has seen me work--could not wait to tell the story of this giftbag: having discovered rather late that she did not have a christmas bag big enough to fit my present, she asked if maddie (dead keen to "help" in the wrapping process) would color in the large tree she drew on a plain white bag. please note this was the extent of motherly instruction. after the tree was colored, madeline decided that it needed lights, and remembered these diecut ones leftover from a nursery school project. and of course a lit tree without a star is just ridiculous, right?! later in the day, several hours after the bag had been...seemingly...finished, the artiste decided it really needed some ornaments, too (can you say "allergic to white space"?!???!) and at this point the sticker-adhering process (which apparently took quite some time) began. finally the angel tag was added and the piece was pronounced complete...but possibly only because the divine little miss m. has not yet heard of "rub-ons"?!!!!!!!!?

xmas round up... (avec adorable niece-based photos, naturellement) follow tomorrow or monday!


  1. Oh, how cute! I am personally not capable of decorating a plain white bag, so she is waaaay ahead of me in that department! LOL!

  2. a-dorable!!! It's genetic :)

    "allergic to white space"?!???!)

    That totally cracked me up!

  3. This is absolutly `gawgess`....
    Well gets her creativity from her very talented ...creative genious Aunt ...
    Hope you all had a fab Chrismas `Miss Lauren`...
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)~X~

  4. She most certainly has inherited Auntie Lauren's panache ... one classy bag.

  5. As if you already were not the most proud aunt ever, you totally earned the title! Go Miss Maddie!

    Please inform your loyal blog readers when Maddie starts her own blog :)

  6. Haha! Your whole description of the creative process just cracks me up! Cute bag! I do believe there is an embellishment gene...and you've proved it! ;)

    Happy new year, sweet Lauren!


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