Friday, December 19, 2008

the second bird was detained...

...earlier this week, that is. onna mission for future former president bush...or something...i wasn't really paying attention. anyway. he's here now, though i am hoping that he and his brethren (&...ummmmm....sistren??) will ALL be at the post office later this morning.

i have to say that i am not thrilled with this card. i love the spot-laminated patterned paper...and the glitter mat i made from wrapping paper...and of course the feathery one himself is from some of my very very favorite basic grey xmas paper *EVER*...but the whole thing just doesn't quite gel. or possibly, at this point, i just have a serious case of christmas card fatigue. but it is still a handmade festive greeting, so BY JINGO it shall be sent off to greet someone, festively!!!!!!!!!!

(patterned paper: basic grey, k&co + red glitter giftwrap; cardstock: core'dinations; diecut sentiment: k&co; other: colorbox inks, foam tape)

i *think* i am finally done making xmas cards. however, as i have already (quite wrongly, it turns out) thought so once this week, i am trying not to tempt fate with hubristic overconfidence. but this time i am pretty sure. not to worry though: i still haven't posted them all, so there'll be festive blog-based cards galore, right up untill the big day! of course, you could always go and look at silly cats, instead; or MHTDC* for that matter! we must each celebrate the festive season in our own manner, dontcha think?

*my heart throb daniel named by miss june. :)


  1. :) I did not even need to go to the bottom to read the explanation for MHTDC!

  2. love your card...sheesh, look at all of that fussy cutting...what kind of scissors do you use anyways as I notice that fussy cutting is your signature. Love the fabulous BG bird against that gorgeous red! Good Lord...I'm diggin' that MHTDC* link...Hmmmmm............sorry about that, I was distracted by all that google image

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  4. I think the reason you're "not thrilled" with this double-fantastic card is that you're so used to making triple-fantastic stuff! (But seriously, if no one else wants the little guy, I'll take him.)

  5. lol. As you are not 'thrilled' with making this card does this mean the recipient is someone youa re also less than thrilled with? Lauren! I am shocked ;-)

  6. Lauren, your card is beautiful...and you are silly...not to mention you have a one track mind, re: a certain actor...he is cute though...i am going off line here for a bit so i would like to wish you and your hubby a very Merry Christmas!!!

  7. wow, you have a thing with birds!!! just gorgeous!!

  8. You always bring a smile to my face Lauren :)
    Please pop by my blog there is an award there for you :)

    Merry Christmas :)

    Heather :)


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