Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a bird on the blog... worth two in their envelopes on their way to the post office!


no...wait a second, i think that might be the other way around. (dang!) ah well, for this morning, all i've got is the bird on the blog, so we'll go with that, ok? he *IS* a rather handsome fellow, however:

(patterned paper: basic grey, k&co, love elsie, sei; cardstock stickers: 7 gypsies; flowers & leaves: prima; gems: kaiser; other: colorbox inks, foam tape)

in other news, the united states supreme court has entirely rejected my request for an injunction which would delay christmas to the more convenient time of mid-february, so i am cracking on with the (increasingly frenzied) card-production!!! (where the heck are those ELVES when one really *needs* them, eh?!)

happy wednesday darlings!


  1. **happy wednesday** I'm diggin' your most handsome fellow...I {heart} all the details you put into all of your cards sista!!!

  2. Happy Wednesday to you to!
    Another gorgeous work of art.

  3. I know you could use the sleep, but selfishly I don't wanna see an elf-made card on this blog. I just wanna see 100% Lauren :)

  4. Bastards! You're as on schedule for Christmas as I am, which makes me feel a little better! Love your creativity!

  5. Well, my cards are made, but not written or sent. Hey, there's still PLENTY of time ....

    I love that bird more and more every time I see him/her. :-)

  6. he is handsome indeed Lauren:)

  7. How can the Supreme Court live with the shame?!

  8. Happy thursday, too! ;)
    That is certainly one handsome bird, dear! ..and beautiful card all in all, of course.

    I love it that you can use the translation function and read my blog - though I've always wondered if it works properly or do you get a lot of gibberish inbetween aswell? Anyway, I love your comments. You've made my day today, sweet honey!

    //Nina, who's also on a laptop nowadays and cannot make those cute hearts.. :P

  9. Lauren you are kind of amazing! This card is fabulous x10!


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