Sunday, December 28, 2008

pay no attention to the blurry lady

she's just gonna be my new avatar, i think. for a bit, anyway. i really like this photo niece lindsay took of me on christmas day. (after the discussion about not touching the lens...but before the discussion of how you have to hold the camera still) though she subsequently took some that were technically better, i sorta think she has captured my essence pretty well on this one: happy...but sort of in perpetual motion. yeah. that'd be me. :)


  1. I think its GREAT

    LOL the word verification is tatas...heheh

  2. Which dimension are you in?!
    Ahh the paper crafting dimension, of course!!
    Hope your holidays were fabu!

  3. Even with that artistic "Miss Ellie haze" thing going on, you still look blurry lovely Lauren!

    Sadly I'm too late for the Merry Christmas! greeting, so I'll go with the Happy New Year! one instead .... Happy New Year! to you and LHJ - here's to another year of FABULOUS cardage, Daniel Craig themed posts and hilarious kitty capers!!



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