Thursday, December 11, 2008

reindeer round-up

'member the round cards i made with those cool "ring" stickers? well, i was kind of bumming that i used up all the nice big ones...but then i realized i could make my own using one of these:

ok, i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "hey lauren! why does a woman in her forties without school-aged children even *have* one of those?!" and i have to say i am wondering exactly the same thing. also, i have no idea whence it came. but for some reason i do have one, and it's great for making really nice rings of patterned paper...also...i no longer have to search my entire kitchen for a cup or bowl of the correct size when i want to draw a circle. HOORAY!

here's a card i made using said device of mysterious origins:

(patterned paper: basic grey, rhonna farrer, prima, vintage sheet music; snowflake stickers: martha stewart; rub-on sentiment & gems: mambi; flowers: prima; other: colorbox inks, decorative scissors, foam tape)

and here's another!

(patterned paper: love elsie, prima, vintage sheet music; blingy snowflake stickers: k& co; glitter letters: mambi; word strips: 7 gypsies; other: colorbox inks, fiskars border punch, zig pen, foam tape)

the reindeer are from a basic grey xmas chipboard pack...if y'all thought i was nuts to trace & cut artisan labels, you will be downright hysterical when i admit that there are certain chipboard shapes which i buy intending to just use but windup keeping as templates instead. this guy is one of 'em! i traced him once and then held a few patterned papers together and the above are two of the results. i suspect there will be a few more before the big day arrives!


  1. ***waving my hands {both of them} in the air*** I was one of those that called you nuts for hand cutting out your labels...actually I think I called you a nut'ola. Sweet mother of pearl...I love your reindeer cards and yes, what a fabulous idea to use the chipboard shapes as a template...I bought a ton of Basic Grey holiday chipboard after christmas last year...I can't seem to use them...need to evidently hoard them for yet another year but maybe I'll use them as templates...hmmm...good idea missy. Absolutely stunning cards and I'm going to steal one of those dealy-bob circle makers from one of my kids :)

  2. Hey, some of us older people OWN one of those compasses (sp?) from back in school, k? But you actually used yours, so I am impressed. :-)

  3. Wow, you have patience! Very clever of you though :)
    Now you have to invent the perfect circle cutter that's designed like that nifty tool. Cutting blade on the end, locking mechanism so it doesn't slip when you're cutting, a nice SHARP pointy end to poke into your paper and voila. I expect to see it in my LSS next season.

  4. just had a duh moment! I love your circle cards but don't have the patience to cut them! Never thought to use a protractor! Then I just realized I have a stupid cricut thing, why am I not using that?

  5. you are crazy indeed, but nice cutting!!!! these are great

  6. i haven't seen one of those circle-making things for a long time... ;) though have thought about buying one, if i could find one here, dunno where. so far, i've been using random things found in the kitchen to make circles :)... love your cards, very cool!

  7. Oh, I have a compass in my desk drawer too. I probably have not used it since the '80s! AND I would never have thought to use it. I would use a circle cutter, but I doubt even my CM circle cutters would create these nice size circles you have.

    Love your cards! Labors of love.

  8. Those cards are sooo gorgeous! I hate being away from home, now you've got me longing to make some circle cards just like yours!

    ...but I'm using my shape cutter ;)

  9. I just dropped in because I spotted these cards on COTW. HOLY SMOKES! Those are gorgeous, and that's really sayin' sumpin cause I don't usually like pink!
    So then I stuck around a while to check out all your other goodies. HOW have I missed your blog?!
    Uber creative and totally funny... yup, you went right into my reader. :)

  10. Oh MG...Awesome awesome cards, will link them on my blog.
    I wouldn't mind receiving 1 of those art Pieces..:)
    Have a great day,


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