Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3-D monstavision!!!!!

or at least...
...a vision...
...of 3 monstas!

these three, actually:

(monstas cut from paperchase giftwrap; patterned paper: basic grey, dcwv, doodlebug, creative imaginations + vintage sheet music; chipboard button: love elsie; rub-ons: creative imaginations; other: dymo labeller, colorbox inks, zig pen, scrap of ribbon)

text reads, "3 kings were busy so we came instead"

in the course of my recent & extensive research into the field of xmas monstas, i have found the pink ones to be much more silly than the others. these might just be the silliest ever...thus they are my favorites!!!


  1. This one is great- it gave me a good laugh -the three kings busy...Glad the monsters are still coming! debb

  2. Your pink monsta's are thee best...leave it to them to step in when the kings were too busy :) I borrowed one of your entertaining phrases...see my blog entry for today :)

  3. SHUT UP!!!!!

    I loooooove this card, and again, the monsters are cute cute cute!!!

  4. Personally I'd much rather have pink monstas than silly old kings....YOU TOTALLY ROCK :)

  5. Adorable! Shouldn't they be fetching some gold, frankincense and myrh??? If you haven't seen October Afternoon's Monster Paper, you really should check it out. I think its right up your (dark) alley. :D

  6. Okay. This is pretty much the coolest christmas card EVER.

    Love your sense of humor.

  7. I love the way the monstas seem to apologise for the Kings' failure to appear... "Oh, o..."

  8. Very cute and VERY funny! How do you come up with these wonderful ideas????

  9. Hahaha, adorable!

    also, I've tagged/nomintated you for a game/award on my blog... play along if you're interested! (or just take the award!)

  10. I LOVE this!! It just rocks... totally. Monster luv.


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