Sunday, June 17, 2007

...when i grow up, i wanna be heidi swapp!

to tell the truth, i was not so sure i wanted to shell out $10 for a book of JUST heidi, using just heidi products, and NO TEXT?! seriously???!

i stand corrected. this is basically scrapbook porn. every photo is lucious, every concept is liftworthy. generally, my idea books wind up festooned with posties marking the pages i think i will refer back to. this book has NONE of those...b/c frankly, there isn't a page that i don't loooove.

plus it turns out...she don't need no stinkin' text! she don't need nobody else's products! actually, i don't think she needs ANYTHING besides a pen and a few photos. because she's HEIDI!!!

...and i love her!

1 comment:

  1. well all you had to say to hook me was say "porn"! going to have to pick up a copy now.


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