Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the happiest place on earth...

...for ME...was not disneyworld. don't get me wrong, i liked disney--and i had a blast in orlando! but being a fairly museumy sort of a person, i would have to cast my vote for balboa park, in san diego.

you like museums? they got museums! you like science? there's a science museum! art?? yepper, got a couple o' those! anthropology? natural history? photography?? check, check & check. you name it, and balboa park probably has a museum devoted to it...maybe even two!
did i mention that it's all contained within gorgeous historic buildings, set amongst palm trees, courtyards and beautifully manicured gardenscapes? uh-huh. even if you never went IN anywhere, you could have a great touristy day just wandering around the grounds.
and if the OUTSIDE doesn't have enough glorious exotic flora for ya, just take a gander inside the botanical building! admission to which is...wait for it...FREE!!! (so are a few of the other museums and galleries; most charge a modest fee.)
if i ever run away from home...this is where you should look first!

( has additional pics, should you need them!)

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