Tuesday, June 19, 2007


i soooooooo want this. sigh.

and the fact that it is being released one day before my birthday,
and one month before my verizon contract expires
surely that must be
**A SIGN**
mustn't it??!

let us peruse the pro's and con's.

the con's:

1. it's $600!!!!!
(& i'm a person who, as a point of pride, has NEVER paid for a cellphone. every two years i go to the verizon store and ask, "what's the nicest phone you will give me for free?" if there is a tie-breaker situation, i choose the one for which my current accessories will work.
yes, i am mrs. sensible. always.)
2. i DO NOT need it. i only * just barely* need a cellphone, for that matter.
3. it's a first generation product. (which again, on principle, i never,
ever buy. b/c you KNOW the next ones will be twice as good & half as expensive...)
4. it's $600!!!!!

the pro's:

1. it's very, VERRRRRRRRY cool!
2. it's really quite *magnificently* cool!
3. very nearly supernaturally cool!
4. i soooooooooooooo want one!


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