Thursday, June 14, 2007

...did they pick the right LAUREN???

ok, so the BIG NEWS is that i was chosen to be on the CAARDVARKS design team!!!!!!!!! which is the most amazing and thrilling thing imaginable. especially when you consider that i really had NO BUSINESS even sending in my name...since i had only just discovered their awesome card-making challenge site! but i found them a couple of days before the deadline and i just thought, "OOOOOH i would sooooo love this"--never imagining i could be picked!

they selected three of us:

nathalia castellon (

beatriz jennings (

just WAIT until you see these girls' work--you will be BLOWN AWAY!!!
(eventually i will figure out how to make people's NAMES just be a hotlink, instead of having their link next to their name...but for the moment, please bear with...)

so now i just need a "headshot" you think it has to be of the *FRONT* of my head??? ...yeah, probably... YIKES!


  1. LOL! I had to laugh at your chapstick addiction - I'm right there with ya sistah. I even have my girls on the sauce. :) I'm also a lover of the ..... you'll notice... So, yeah, we DID pick the right Lauren. We ***heart*** your energy and funk factor. Glad to see you're bloggin' it...all your friends are doing it. ;) Can't wait to see your creations for Caardvarks. xoxo

  2. You're freakin' fabulous Lauren!
    Love ya' girlie,


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