Saturday, June 23, 2007

...wouldja believe...

...that i'm entirely caught up with editing my photos of the trip so far?????! well, frankly *I* don't believe it! i have no idea how to react, since it's a phenomenon that has never happened before...and most likely never will again, but in the meantime...

can i get a *WOOHOO?!*

thank you.
i've even started posting pics (can i get another, smaller, woohoo?!) in my webshots "solo" album:

yesterday, i had the first batch all ready to go--complete with witty descriptions & repartee--on flickr. then i found out you can only make *3* sets using the free flickr membership. you can post loads more pics, but they just sit a big CLUMP...until you fork over $25.

i spent half an hour deciding whether to be cheap (and re-do the work) or lazy (and commit to $25 a year...or whatever they raise it to). i settled on cheap...with a side order of moral outrage. but it's hard to sustain the "outrage" part when you're surrounded by this:

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