Monday, October 24, 2022

Tiny Sticker Mandala Monday

This Mandala Monday is brought to you by Kinokuniya, one of my favorite stores in NYC, where I shopped for the first time in nearly two and a half years, while Stephanie was here for our New York adventure. It's a three-level store on Sixth Avenue, directly behind Bryant Park. They have books on the main floor, with gaming, manga and dvds upstairs; but whenever I arrive, I immediately head for the lower level, which is a treasure trove of pens, stickers, washi paper and tape, magazines, stationery and other kawaii goodness.

Of course I had to buy a few sheets of tiny Japanese stickers, which I made into a simple mandala design in my 7 x 10" Hello Kitty school planner...also from Kino. I was excited to find this, because when I enquired, the clerk said they no longer carried them. Luckily, Stephanie found them before I committed to a less adorable option!

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  1. so fun ... so glad kitty is living with you again for another year


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