Saturday, October 29, 2022

Birthday Monster!

This is Stephanie's photo of the Little Monster I made for her birthday (and an awesome collage she made while we were creating together, as well!) I chose this fine gauge yarn because it's Stephanie's favorite colors and I had never made a variegated amigurumi before; though it was a "leftover" of which I had only one tennis-ball-sized amount so I was slightly nervous that I'd run out, but thankfully all was well.

This pattern, which was free from the Lovely Craft website had an especially clever way to make the Monster stand up: you crochet a turning round at the bottom edge (by working only through the back loops) and then... you add a little round of cardboard after stuffing, but before decreasing to close the circle. I found that my smallest circle Nestie die worked perfectly on scrap chipboard and was pleasantly shocked at how sturdily this Monster stands!

I don't know why I started thinking of this Monster in a Frida Kahlo type of vein, but after I did, I couldn't resist adding a chunky beaded necklace and an orange flower... I found the tiny monkey eraser while looking for something else and decided she needed a friend!

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