Monday, June 13, 2022

Week 2: ICAD 2022

It's Day 13 of #dyicad2022 and also Mandala Monday, so here's a round-up of the past week's index card art, working backwards from today!

Day 13: Mandala Monday
It's a paper-pieced version, this week, using up some blue scraps that were sitting on my worktable; enhanced with a few outlines, faux-stitches, and Posca pen dots.

Day 12: Blueprint or Cyanotype
Super-super-loose version of the prompt! I started out intending to make something closer to the mark, but when it morphed into doodles around the patterned paper clouds, I just rolled with it...

Day 11: Rainbow
Deconstructed pastel doodle rainbows. 

Day 10: Off-Prompt
I had been using Lawn Fawn's Stitched Rainbow dies and wound up with quite a few colorful leftovers, so I glued them into circles and added dots with pens and a hole punch.

Day 9: Off-Prompt
Pointy crocodile stitch doodles in funky pastel shades.

Day 8: Pictogram
Again a situation when the prompt got me started, and I intended to use a bunch of aeornautic-related pictograms from an old falling-apart book about the history of flight. 
But then I found the cool seaplane... :)

Day 7: Root
Scribbly Tombow daisies with dotty centers. Clearly they must HAVE roots, 
but I elected to show the petals instead.

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