Monday, June 6, 2022

Mandala Monday + ICAD Round-Up

I'm easing back into the Index Card a Day project and here's my first week of cards, in reverse order, starting with today's mandala:

Day 6: Mandala Monday
I chose a sturdy divider tabbed card so that I could add watercolor to this; 
but in the end, I kinda fell in love with the lines.

Day 5: Pink or Flamingo
The first one-staple collage of the 2022 ICAD season, woohoo!

Day 4: off-prompt
Last year I made quite a few index cards that featured hand-cut patterned paper shapes layered, arranged in patterns, sewn upon, or... as in this case... all of the above.

Day 3: Maze or Labyrinth
Doodles and scallops on a green index card. 
I can't say I'm in love with this, but it was fun to draw.

Day 2: Peony
I'm not particularly good at drawing realistically, but I think I somewhat captured the basic shapes with my most delicate Letter It Fineliner; and then scribbling with Tombows onto a plastic palette and picking up the color with a waterbrush.

Day 1: Asterisk 
There were a few scraps leftover from my colorful mandala-painted cover, so I cut them into letters for the title page of my ICAD book. Oh yeah, and I used one of my vintage typewriters to put an asterisk in every single box of that gridded index card. Like ya do... :)


You can find more information about ICAD on the Daisy Yellow Art website, or via Tammy Garcia's account, Gypsy999 on Instagram. 

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