Friday, October 22, 2021

Not a Creature Was Stirring

This fortnight at Jingle Belles, we're asking you to break out the animals for this week's holiday card … it could be one of Santa's reindeer, a sheep next to a manger, or possibly even a monster or a Yeti if you're in a Halloween mood and want to stretch the theme (b/c some of us are Just Like That, lol!) In this case I split the difference and went with a real creature (Lawn Fawn's adorable Winter Narwhal) at the North Pole (thanks to Pebbles' Fairly Accurate Map!)

Be sure to swim, gallop, prance, fly or stomp over to Jingle Belles to see what Stephanie has made, then start planning your own creature-featuring card!


  1. Narly Narwhals always win ... such a great card.

  2. Gnarly card, dude! (: This is so fun. That background paper is amazing and I adore the sentiment.


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