Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wish Big!

Have you seen the new Eyelet Outlet Fairy Brads? They are one of my favorites from the Spring release. And I can envision them working in so many ways, but this being the height of summer gardening season, I decided to go a bit nature-y!

Both of my cards are built on trimmed-down journal cards from Prima Marketing's Havana collection. I loved the way the soft foliage colors made the fairies blend in just a tiny bit... because fairies like to hide! For my first card I added three Fairies, in pink and green, and let them flitter around the card. (Each pack has an assortment of pink, green, blue and purple fairies.) I added bits of white Pearl Swirl Bling to convey movement and magic. There was a pre-printed sentiment at the top left of the card, so I covered that with Sun and Cloud Brads, and added my own words, lower down, via alphabet stickers... probably my favorite craft supply after brads and paper, lol!

 We also have fun new Crown and Tiara Brads, and as soon as I thought of the sentiment, "Wish Big" I knew that I had to put a crown on a Frog Brad and surround him with a few more Fairies. Again, the Pearl Swirls are meant to imply that the fairies just miiiiiiiight be in the process of working a little bit of magic... or possibly mischief? It's sometimes hard to tell with fairies!

Whether you're into Fairies or Frogs or BOTH... the Eyelet Outlet Online Store (and Tradeshow Booth!) has brads style to make all your crafty wishes come true!


  1. Both cards are fabulous, the fairies are adorable and who couldn't love a frog with a crown. instantly I thought about the movie Shrek.


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