Saturday, July 20, 2019

yay! index cards!

we're coming into the home stretch of the index card a day project, but i'm still having fun making tiny, random, experimental works of art each night. coincidentally... here are some now:

day forty three: direction
i started out following the prompt with this very cool vintage map of norwegian shipping lanes. as it turned out, that was as far as i went with it, lol, after that we moved into abstract collage. 

day forty four: pool
in this case, it's more like a tidal pool... or, if you prefer, an excuse to swirl around some of my favorite shades of colorburst, such as indigo, turquoise and violet!

day 45: mandala monday
i love how this one came out, but it was impossible to convey in one photo, so you're all invited round to see it in person. i'll make extra coffee! basicially, it's two layers of colorbursted shapes, cut from watercolor paper, pieced like a quilt, and then machine stitched to stay in place. the top layer is a clear index card divider thingie, a fact which is impossible to tell, even in the second pic i've placed below:

day forty six: amethyst
another quilt-piecing type of colorburst expedition. i often think it's a shame i dislike sewing on fabric because i really would enjoy many of the aspects of making a quilt. on the other hand, paper doesn't slide around quite as much...

day forty seven: off prompt
i realized, on this night, that i actually had enough different colors of index cards to make nearly the entire rainbow (ok, yeah, i skipped indigo) once i had them all glued together they looked a bit forlorn so i added doodle shapes to each color.

day forty eight: off prompt
J is for jellyfish... which i painted in merlot, alizarin and jupiter shades of colorburst. for no other reason than i suddenly thought, upon seeing a pattern for kawaii jellyfish amigurumi, that i probably knew how to paint a kawaii jellyfish. and i was right! :)

day forty nine: off prompt
on thursday i saw the first redwinged blackbird i have seen in quite a few years. it seemed only appropriate to celebrate that fact with a vintage paper collage.

here ends the penultimate full week of ICAD2019... which seems impossible, doesn't it? where did the whole entire month of june go, eh? can anybody tell me that?! ♥


  1. the jellyfish...well wow just wow. Saw it first on IG. Love. great collection.

  2. These are just so cool! Fantastic! So many creative ideas, techniques, supplies, ….

  3. All gorgeous index cards, I'm hoping to get back a them soon.


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