Thursday, August 1, 2019

the last ICAD round-up

of 2019 that is. because as incredible as it seems to me, our 61 days of index cards are over already? i swear the summers fly by faster every year! meanwhile, here are the last few cards:

day fifty six: off prompt
a collage that has even more layers than you think. layers of map and index fragments, a stencilled layer, layers of rub-on transfers... all topped off with an aloha lady!

day fifty seven: off prompt
i had this idea -rainbow stripes on a blank library card, with doodles on top- at the very beginning of ICAD and sort of forgot all about it. until now.

day fifty eight: lime green
the most random collage i've ever made. sometimes the goofy ones turn out to be my favorites... but honestly, i'm not in love with this one. which is fine.

day fifty nine: mandala monday
the last mandala monday of icad called for my favorite shades of colorburst, loads of doodles and a nice smattering of white pen on top.

day sixty: accordion
ok, technically the closest this gets to accordion is POLKA dots, which actually isn't very close at all, lol. another cut up, reassembled and stitched colorburst leftover. this time with paint pen doodles on top. 

day sixty one: THANK YOU!
hand cut patterned paper letters, brush pen shadows and a few little collage elements. just to say THANK YOU to tammy garcia for devising and hosting another wonderful 61 day event, and THANK YOU to everyone who cheered us on!

my finished book, stuffed with 61 days worth of ideas, essperiments and FUN!

and this concludes our index card extravaganza... until june 1, 2020 that is!

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