Saturday, July 27, 2019

lots of collage... this week's batch of cards for ICAD2019. hard to believe this is the last full week of july AND the last full week of index card art. where does the time go, eh?

day fifty: off prompt
inspired by... SOCKS? well, yeah, actually. someone sent me the photo below; and of course i can NEVER resist a diabolical pun, lol! 

day fifty one: number
somewhat tangential to the prompt, though all of the papers in my background collage have numerals on them. why is there a hummingbird?? ummm... it kinda fit and the colors kinda matched... :)

day fifty two: mandala monday
the fact that i see serious flaws in my mandala (just tiny things like scale and placement lol!) does not interfere in any way with the fact that this instantly became one of my fave ICADs everrrrr!

day fifty three: note to self
in this case, the note to self was, when you don't love what you've made, there is NO downside to experimenting! chop your work into pieces, re-assemble the bits, maybe add 21 or so staples...?! :)

day fifty four: off prompt
a collage version of mondrian's broadway boogie woogie... set further downtown... somewhere around canal street, apparently... :)

day fifty five: off prompt
another case of finishing something and deciding i didn't like it. so i carefully cut nearly all the doodles from the original vintage library card (neatening up the edges and curves a bit as i went) and mounted them on foam tape on a second card. i'm honestly not sure why that was enough of a difference for me to like it again, but it was, lol, so i went with it!

i'll be back on thursday with the last few ICAD's and a bit of a wrap up!


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