Monday, June 17, 2019

round 'em up!

the ICADs, that is. btw, it's not too late for you to join the fun. no need to catch up, just start now and keep going for as long as it is FUN! :) meanwhile, here's what i made in a 3 x 5" size this week:

day eleven: palm
i can't say i'm love with my finished colorburst watercolor of a palm tree, but it was really really fun to paint, so i'm calling it A WIN! :)

 day twelve: tapestry
this is a collage idea i played with last year during ICAD: strips of paper (in this case some are chopped up photos of needlepoint tapestries, lol) pieced a bit like a scrap quilt. i haven't really broken any new ground, but i have ideas swirling around in my head, so i expect you'll see things like this periodically... 

day thirteen: balcony
i did not have any kind of brainwave for "balcony" so i went back to my unused idea from "macaron" last week: pastel gel print punched into circles, then re-arranged. at the moment all i can see is a sort of abstract inchworm. but i do feel like this could at some point lead somewhere! probably i should have either used only one size of circle punch? orrrrrrrrrrr maybe just cut all of the circles precisely in half? i think i need to let the idea simmer a bit more...

day fourteen: thread
more strips. these were from a stripey bit of leftover colorburst, in which i blended lime, pthalo green and indigo. i was playing with the idea of making the shades line up in interesting ways, a bit like woven fabric. kinda.  

day fifteen: storm
following my semi-plan to fall back on zen-doodles when i don't have another idea, here are some stormy zen doodles! :)

day sixteen: chandelier
yes, it's another one-staple collage. what can i say? i still love them!

day seventeen: (off-prompt) mandala monday
i had an entirely different plan in mind, but then my pipsticks stickers came on friday and there were TINY TYPEWRITERS. 'nuff said...

...and thus we wrap up another another index-card-a-day week!

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