Monday, June 3, 2019

it's the first mandala monday of ICAD...

...and here are my first few index cards a day for 2019! (if you want to know more about ICAD visit this page at daisy yellow art!)

day one: off prompt
one of tammy g's teaser graphics had this phrase and i sorta fell in love with it. i would not rule out additional versions being made at some point in the next 60 days...

day two: peppermint
whenever possible, if i'm using the (100% optional) prompts, i like to go with the very first thing that pops into my head. which, for peppermint, meant those little red and white pinwheel candies that are required by law to sit next to the cash register in all italian restaurants. as far as i know, no one EVER eats these; so it's possible, in an older restaurant, that these candies are now vintage decor items... :) 

day three: magenta
do you know the difference between fuchsia and magenta? ok apparently nobody really entirely does, although most people seem to agree that magenta is a bit more purple than fuchsia is. this article at the difference between dot com sort of sums up the main points. (and this somewhat tangential article has other fascinating color name origins!) what does any of this have to do with my card? well, it's a mandala which features both vibrant fuchsia and magenta archival ink (plus some chrome yellow, tea rose and poppy) over a collage of dictionary definitions of the two shades and some of their composite colors, like fuchsine, rosaniline and aniline red.


if you'd like to see my ICADs as they post each day, i'd love for you to visit me over at instagram. be sure to also check out the official hashtag, dyicad2019 to see what everyone is making! to see all the index card art i've ever made (presumably as the cure for severe insomnia); yep, there's an ICAD blog tag, which goes from today all the way back to my first cards in 2012. 


  1. first off i love the new blog header :) always fun to see what you create with such a small amount of space! you are off to a great start!! :)

  2. love seeing your icads...I'll be watching.

  3. Great index cards. I am also doing the challenge!


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