Monday, June 10, 2019

i can, therefore... ICAD!

the first full week of ICAD (and coincidentally also of june lol) is behind us. how can the days be flying by SO FAST, eh??! here's what i made on index cards this past week:

day four: reflection
i stumbled upon the definition of "reflection" in an old children's dictionary which featured the same colors (and angles!) of a butterfly i had already cut out. you can't argue with serendipity like that. so i just made a one-staple collage instead.

day five: tourist map
i wound up covering most of this old map of detroit, which is a shame since it's so pretty. on the other hand, mandevillea, a 1950's "toyopet" automobile and a beautiful chinese stamp from my ATC swap partner arlyna in shanghai are nothing to sneeze at...

day six: leaves or petals
my friend cyndie is doing ALL zentangle-inspired art for ICAD this year. and she is AWESOME at it. i am not awesome at it... but it's fun!

day seven: stencil
"S" is for stencil... and skyline... and sunset...
(ps: note how beautifully pristine i keep my favorite stencils, lol!)

day eight: goggles
i will never, ever, EVER, admit how dang much time i spent on this one, lol!!! especially since it's really just a couple of circle punches and dies stacked together, so it should have been super-fast and easy. having said all of that... i do actually love how my steampunk goggles came out!

(this is the magazine illustration i placed behind the "goggles" card, 
so that you would see something cool through the eyes!)

day nine: macaron
i actually did have a pretty good idea for "macaron" but then on the morning of day nine, i saw my first cedar waxwing, perching on the yew just outside our dining room window. so *obviously* that changed everything...

day ten: sapphire
i've tried gems before, and whereas i excel at making the fab colorburst backgrounds (this one is indigo and prussian blue); creating the facets is ALWAYS harder than i think it will be, lol. this one came out pretty well, though i confess it was my second attempt! 

it's a bit of a grey monday here in new jersey, so let's make some COLORFUL art to perk it up!


  1. love seeing your the rows of houses.

  2. These are a phenomenal!!! it would be hard to pick a fav but........ That Zentangle one is AWESOME!!! I'm so far behind and I will get started.

  3. These are beautiful! I have NEVER heard of this before...I'm inspired! I think my teenager and I will do this together for the summer! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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