Saturday, June 29, 2019

cavalcade of ICADs

because there's nothing more refreshing on a hot summer's day than art on an index card, am i right? ok, cool drinks are also nice... but this post just has index cards:

day twenty two: bicycle
it's a very very (VERY!) abstract version of a bicycle wheels. with spokes, etc. wellllllllllllll... sorta.

day 23: off-prompt
at julie balzer's gel print class!
i knew this day, with julie's amazing 6 hour class at the ink pad, would be as long and tiring as it was fun, and i was right! so luckily the night before i had used some ancient vinyl alphabet stickers to mask a couple of index cards and i printed on them during class. this was my fave.

day twenty four: off-prompt
mandala monday
handcut mandala layers made from paint-testing gel prints. nothing fancy. because it was assembled at 10pm in my hotel room! ;)

day twenty five: rose
this is one of my favorite cards from the whole of ICAD so far. firmly within my comfort zone of vintage paper collage, but none the worse for that, imo.

day twenty six: off-prompt 
rainbow ribbon doodles
this card was made at the end of the night on which i finished my samples for a hand-lettering class i will be teaching next month at paper anthology. when you see the cards from the class, you will see EXACTLY how i got here, lol!

day twenty seven: inspired by maud vantours
i haven't made anything inspired by MV in a bit, but as soon as i made this card with folded, layered triangles i was immediately re-smitten. this arrangement also reminds me of the crocodile stitch in crochet!

day twenty eight: inspired by clover robin 
one of my favorite things about ICAD is the opportunity to "try on" different artists' styles and see what they feel like. i have just recently discovered clover robin on instagram. she is an illustrator who draws and paints with handcut collaged papers. it's kind of hard to explain, so just GO SEE! btw, it's harder than you think to just freehand cut out even quite familiar shapes without drawing guidelines. just sayin'... :)

it's not too late to join the index card a day project! don't worry about catching up, just start on july 1st and do the month! or start today and do one week. honestly, the numbers are the least important part of it!!! think of something you've always wanted to try; then figure out how to put it on an index card.
ready... set... GO!


  1. loved them on ig and love them again.

  2. Aren't you having fun? Particularly like the bicycle, the rose and the "free-hand cut out." That might be something I could do!


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