Saturday, June 22, 2019

a round up that moves around

which seems appropriate for the index card a day project, in which all things experimental... and indeed "mental" for that matter, lol... are fair game. also, getting a whole week's worth of cards into a post first thing monday morning was a bit tiring, lol. so let's see if saturday is a bit more relaxed. ♥

day eighteen: off prompt
sticking with my fallback position of, "when all else fails... zen doodle!" i had fun with the supplies that were already on my table this particular night: a fabulous hexagon stencil that michelle ward designed exclusively for the ink pad and some ranger inks. plus my trusty faber-castell pitt artist pen, the one with the XS (.1mm) nib which i reach for over and over and over...

day nineteen: yellow
a collage of random yellow things, mostly snipped out of old childrens' dictionaries. quite spare for me, but once i had that canary on there, singing to an empty room, i felt like it was DONE.

day twenty: off prompt
something which has been a fallback position for me during every ICAD ever, is random collage. it's my comfort zone. and again, if you're going to start your ICAD at 11pm, it is a good idea to use whatever happens to be on your table at that time. in this case that happened to be: scraps of vintage paper, a couple of butterflies diecut from an old subway map, a pre-painted colorburst rainbow on a gridded card and a wendy vecchi leaf stencil. ta-da. :)

day twenty one: guitar
a less random collage. because i was thinking about the prompt during the day, and i knew i had a loteria card with a guitar. i also grabbed the definition of guitar from a childrens' dictionary and a vintage south american passport stamp. the sheet music and ancient rub-on transfers just happened to be there and then worked. woohoo.

happy saturday!!!
,it is sunny here for the first time in about a week and 
i'm planning to take full advantage of that fact!


  1. Your ICADs are looking good! I post my weekly index cards on Saturdays and that seems to work for me. Check out my blog at


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