Wednesday, February 22, 2017

a barrage of collage? (yes, please!)

i'm still having a great time with the daisy yellow wonder31 prompts and apparently i'm still in a bit of a collage phase. my favorite thing about my sketchbook is that i can just roll with whatever mood i'm in on any given night!

this went a bit more towards herringbone, but you get the idea. and YES, those are all 1/4" strips of paper that i sliced to size with my guillotine trimmer and affixed with a tape runner. NO, it wasn't particularly fussy to make, actually; it came together quite quickly. as long as you are always butting the short ends up to one of the long strips, they kind of automatically stay straight, which is helpful. i didn't even need a ruler! 

"zebra" and "circles"
pretty self-explanatory, once you realize that i was combining two prompts.
(but no, technically, this one isn't a collage, lol; it's rendered with tombows and pitt pens.)

"tarot or playing card"
i went with tarot, because i love this teal and red deck from the 1960's; i made a one-staple collage because... well, i just felt like it, i guess! :)

"wallpaper, redux"
a second go at an earlier prompt, made with the leftovers from the first one.

"text or texture"
whaddaya mean, "OR"??!?!?! i'll take BOTH, please, and plenty of each!!!

"darkness" and "light"
when i saw these prompts listed on successive days, i knew right away what i wanted to do!
(for the record: i cut two squares of black paper and two squares of white and assembled them into the quadrants. then i drew the mandala, using several sizes of black pitt pen on top of the white and gelly roll + posca pens on top of the black paper.)

"dawn's sunshine mandala"
this is unrelated to the wonder31 event; it's a 20x24" canvas made by request for my lovely friend and eyelet outlet dt coordinator dawn mercedes barrett, after she admired the big mandala diptych i made last year. it's distress and archival inks over a collage of torn vintage paper, with a bit of modelling paste for texture and a few EO pink gems for sparkle.

i've just had a few "surprise" days at home, owing to the fact that the starter on my car unexpectedly* decided to just. stop. working. thankfully, it did so in my garage, leaving me stranded here, rather than out and about, which i really appreciate. and better yet, it turned out to be something that jeff could replace fairly inexpensively; how lucky am i to have a HANDY husband?! apologies to the ladies who had signed up for my tuesday class at paper anthology, and thank you for understanding the last minute cancellation! ♥

*unexpectedly to me that is; for all i know, it has been plotting this for weeks??! i have the feeling that our lawn mower is a bit of a mischievous rabble-rouser... 


  1. Your pages are all wonderful. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with for those prompts. You really nail them.

  2. I really want that text & texture ... it is fantastic.

  3. Love every one of them but the Darkness and light really pops out to me. your mandela work is super. Then again your collages are awesome too.

  4. So much inspiration, love the chevron!


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