Monday, February 6, 2017

Did You Say, "Yoga Cats"?!

Yes. Yes, I did say, "Yoga Cats", they are one of my favorite new Eyelet Outlet brad designs, and I'm on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today showing them off! In fact they're so new they are not even in the store quite yet, but they'll be there any minute and you're going to want them because LOOK! HOW! CUTE!:

The cats come in two colors and three poses, and I wanted to show off as many as possible, so I made them into inchies to fit the front of my (horizontal) "tall" card.

I've mounted the inchies on a little bit of foam tape so they could float on top of my favorite new washi tape, which is extra-wide and has a design of whimsical vines and mandala-like flowers. I've used ancient old skool Basic Grey alphabet stickers (which I will never stop loving!) to fashion an appropriate sentiment.

There are lots of brand new Eyelet Outlet products getting ready to make their debut in the store. Be sure to keep checking the Blog and the Eyelet Outlet Facebook Page to see the projects our amazing new design team members will come up with to show them off! ♥♥♥


  1. Oh my! This is such a fun card. We don't have anything like that over here just the same old boaring ones. Love the long card though shows them doing a class lol.

  2. OMGoodness - how delightful. This card is adorable and I love the yoga cats :-) xxxx

  3. Super cute love that long card. and they sure show off those yoga kitties and of course that gorgeous washi tape


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