Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SOS290: heartless

happy valentine's day, darlings! ♥ we've got a bit of a tricky one for you this week at shopping our stash. are you ready? seeing as how we're beginning this challenge *ON* valentine's day* we'd like to see something romantic; but... (here comes the tricky part!) ...you cannot use hearts!!! once you wrap your head around it, this is a pretty cool idea. here's what i made:

doughnut brads and coffee brads: eyelet outlet; typewriter journal card: my mind's eye; alphabet stickers: kelly purkey/simon says stamp; patterned paper: basic grey; adhesives: elmers brand glue tape, 3m foam tape 

a couple of things got me over the need to use hearts for this, and in the spirit of full disclosure of course i'm going to tell you what they were. first, i had a packet each of eyelet outlet coffee brads and doughnut brads. and i've been longing to use them together! second was finding the mme journal card with the typewriter and the blank page, which is exactly the right size for two brads and a typed sentiment.

but maybe the biggest thing was the curtain call inspiration challenge which ended last friday, so obviously i knew i'd be too late to link up with them, but their theme was "XOXO" and several of the design team's cards had background papers with that design. i didn't happen to have any store bought paper with those on, but i did have ledger paper and alphabet stickers... cha-ching! card FINISHED!!! 

of course there are LOADS of ways to take this, and my clever SOS dt darlings have thought of lots of them to help inspire you. why not check those out right now?! ♥

*in my family, february the 14th is more commonly known as "riley's birthday" since my niece just happened to have been born on this day in 2002. those of you mathy types will have noted that is FIFTEEN years ago... HOW did that time go by soooooooo fast, eh??!?! luckily we adults in the family are aging at a completely different and much slower rate, lol! :) :) :) 


  1. Geez, Lo-Lo... now I'm going to need another donut, thanks to you and your paper crafts!
    This is just so cute... another retro-chic achievement.

  2. This is so cute, love those brads (my list is getting longer) Gorgeous card and it's pink.

  3. What a fab card, and not a heart in sight lol.

  4. ACK totes adorbs! Love the typewriter and the wee donut and latte!
    Happy day of hearts!!

  5. OMGee! This is just so fantabulous! Love the love note, those super adorable brads, and the random smattering of the X's and O's!

  6. How cute are those brads?!?! Such an adorable card!!

  7. Oh Lauren, this card brought back long ago memories of me learning to type when I was in 8th. grade, my typewriter was pistachio green, we always had inky fingers changing the reels, LOL!!
    I love the coffee and doughnut brads, never see them before so thanks for the link. Very creative way to enter the XOXO challenge, love those letters in pink.
    Awesome card!!

  8. Fantabulous card here Lauren. Love your take on this weeks challenge. oops just saw Chris use the same word lol. Yummo to the coffee and donuts!

  9. Another fabulous collage, Lady! Everything is perfect from the sentiment to the colors! Very nicely done!


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