Saturday, February 18, 2017

Turtle-y Awesome Tags!

It's my turn on the Eyelet Outlet Blog again, where I'm still crushing bigtime on the brand new, soon-to-be-released, animal brads! There are so many great designs this time, I could not resist giving you another little preview of some that will be in the Eyelet Outlet Store very soon! I also couldn't use just one... or even two... so here's a three-fer of handmade tags. But first, fair warning: if you happen to be a person who hates puns, look away now!

I'm in love with all the new brads, but the Llamas miiiiight be my favorite. I mean, seriously, just look at that cute face!

Since I wanted the characters (and ok, yes, the puns, lol!) to be the stars of this tag set, I haven't used much else in the way of embellishments, just little stacks of vintage paper, some fun hand-stamping, and a few strips of solid color tape, from my favorite Skinny Washi Set.

The Fox Brads come in mixed packs, with some of the foxes standing up, and others taking a little nap. I'm pretty sure it was planned that way because the designers knew it would be impossible for us to choose only one type of fox!

Finally, the Turtle Brads have found their way --slowly but surely-- into my heart. Because, YES, they really are turtle-y awesome!!!

There's something new on the Eyelet Outlet Blog every single day, so I hope you'll stop by tomorrow and see what my friend Barbara has to show you!


  1. Love these ever so cute tags. Totally the brads are little stars.

  2. Super cute tags, love those new brads. Thanks for the promo. lol.

  3. OMG Lauren these tags are know I am a lover of tags, shop bought, handmade, vintage, whatever, I LOVE tags and I make them all the time, my gifts are always overdone!!! Cx

  4. Lauren, I just had to come here from Eyelet Outlet to leave you some well deserved cudos for creating these oh so clever tags. I love your work and am your newest follower, too!


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