Sunday, February 12, 2017

ALL the colors!!! ♥

my entire wardrobe is black and navy. my entire home is beige and white. and then there's my ♥SKETCHBOOK♥!!!

i'm really loving the daisy yellow wonder31 prompts and i've been playing along with them most nights and posting them on instagram. this swirly, circle-y piece used my entire collection of neglected gelatos and distress crayons. not to mention most of my gel pens. 

you can tell which nights i'm especially tired, because i will take whatever the prompt is, and basically make it mandala-like, thus attaining my creative comfort zone! :) 

pretty sure i'm going to be going through a collage phase generally, and a one-staple collage phase specifically!

i started out thinking about a pinwheel quilt block and wound up... ok, i'm not really sure where i wound up, lol...

more collage!!! (told ya!) and yes, the flowers and butterfly were cut from two different pieces of vintage wallpaper.


  1. Your pages are beautiful and the last one - the collage with all that fussy cutting - wonderful!

  2. Lauren, these are all so beautiful. Love stopping by to see your art at work. I am especially fond of the first one. Bright colors and yellow in particular are my favorites.

  3. Gorgeous pages. They are all so different but still all "you".


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